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DungeonHack A dynamic, open-ended RPG world in the spirit of Daggerfall, Mount & Blade, and other inspirations 2013-01-08T07:09:49+00:00 2013-01-08T07:09:49+00:00 <![CDATA[New registrations disabled]]>
The conclusion I came to is that we may as well flip the switch on new rego's and make it easier to keep the place clean. I'm happy to reverse this if anyone comes up with a reason to do so.

If any unregistered folks are keen to chat to us about something, they're welcome to track me down on the OpenMW* or Bethesda Softworks forums (or just about anywhere with an active user named 1Samildach; I'm fairly sure it's still a reasonably unique moniker) and I'll switch registrations back on for them (it takes all of ten seconds =) ).

*I should get an email notice if you send me a private message there, even if I haven't logged in for a while.

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2012-01-23T15:51:39+00:00 <![CDATA[When the Phoenix respawns, I try again with a bucket of lava]]>
Hem ... hello ?

I just wanted to know if we have to expect something out of here, or if people like Gladius and Freegamer should spent their ressources elsewhere, and/or reuse what they already done. Or if this site has eventually been buried away, under a pile of cobble and grass.

Personnaly I feel kinda responsible of this Berezina (not being the alone, though), but this guilt doesn't put me chains or whatever, so if we don't have responsiveness to elaborate a Nth reborn plan, it is fine to me to put an end and turn the page :) Feel free to comment on the matter.

And first of all, who's still here, and why ? ^^

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2011-09-24T21:07:57+00:00 <![CDATA[New Chat Time & Channel]]>
As part of getting garvek able to participate, and making it easier for me (as I'm GMT +4.5), we're moving chat time up 1.5 hours.

Saturday, 1730 GMT #Scone

Later, I plan to move chats to real-time multi-user collaborative Google Docs because IRC is more limited, harder to follow, and hasn't proven to help recruiting during dev chats, which we have to keep the Leads coordinated and making decisions together.

That is all.

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2011-09-21T11:54:28+00:00 <![CDATA[Godhead/Lips Demo Released]]> ... p/download

This is our first demo in two years. Many of us currently are sleep-deprived or ill (or both, like me), but we saw it through.
The only goal we didn't make is replacing the Lips of Suna anime girl with a Rhanesian man for the character Fengzhi. However, we got a basic skydome implemented as well as a partial success implementing a heightmap.
And we have a first draft of the Rhanesian man; it just arrived too late to make the final cut.

We need to rest, then discuss our next goals. For now, other than feeling tired and achy, I feel proud of our team and other allies. :scwn: Scones for all., I need to manage my headache.

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2011-09-09T20:07:40+00:00 <![CDATA[Godhead/Lips Demo Underway]]> this post by me. And I'm happy with how we've been moving since.

We're working on a simple but important demo, honestly our first in two years, by importing our art assets to the Lips of Suna engine, with a few coding changes. I have every confidence that this team will be able to meet our minimum goals in just under 11 days from now. We're on a countdown, thanks to qubodup :) .

Here are our goals:
  • Construct Rhanese face mesh (Musk)
  • Texture Rhanesian skin
  • Texture and animate Rhanesian clothes
  • Write dialogs (Brendan, Nils, Sam)
  • LoSify dialog
  • Construct basic Ruined Port map for LoS
  • Swap in Pal's Godhead soundtrack for LoS
Much of this work has already been done, thanks in large part to our friend TheAncientGoat from the LoS team, and also to the efforts of my team over the years.

Yes, years. No one should be or is satisfied with our past rate of progress. We have to change the way we approach problems and the quality of our follow-through on tasks.

Godhead is an ambitious game with a set of features that commercial RPGs just haven't given us. The people who are drawn to this project aren't new to gaming, and aren't convinced by pretty screenshots. We want game play. We want a role-playing game that truly enables us to play a role in the world we play in, a world that's more than just an open air art exhibit or a simple backdrop for unlocking token achievements and leveling up our stats. Godhead is meant to be a game where the world is in motion, and not just revolving around the player as we once insisted the Sun should revolve around the Earth. Our view of the RPG is more matured than that because it's hard to care about characters in a game when those characters display no motive of their own. In Godhead we intent to grant them the power to pursue their own interests in response to the player and to each other.
Godhead's lore is written not just as stage dressing for Escaped Prisoner #298124 to power up to saving the world from Genre-Themed Ancient Evil in a pre-defined story arc. We've played that game. We want more than a world on rails. We want to bend the rails without having everything derail just because the developers didn't plan on those political or military or economic changes. It's the 21st Century; we want a role-playing game that truly gives us a role to change the world.

What we're working on now is small, humble, and meant only as a first step. We're building our momentum and aiming to attract contributors with the skills we don't yet have to build the game we all really want to play. This is something I've been working toward in various projects for 10 years now. I've never given up because I've never lost interest in the kind of game I believe we can make with the right mix of motivation, architectural insight, vision, and sheer bloody-minded determination.

I hope you'll show us your support, because it's welcome-- whether from the sidelines or in the trenches with us.

Thank you.

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2011-09-01T11:01:14+00:00 <![CDATA[Working with Lips of Suna's Engine]]> TheAncientGoat has been helping us progress on a proposal he made that we port our content to the engine used by Lips of Suna. LoS is an RPG similarly unafraid of adult themes. Their engine uses voxels, has a crafting system, and working dialog and inventory which (disappointingly) eluded us during both Interrupt's and Archwyrm's terms as Lead Programmer.

Their game has continuous random generation both above and below, but TheAncientGoat has succeeded in cutting it off at a certain level, creating a "sky" of sorts. Our man Musk-of-Ephesus has been working on a skydome that, eventually, will do justice to the beautiful skies that Interrupt implemented. Musk has also been working on a new face for our human male model which we've dubbed "The Estonian" after its creator zurnl who is Eesti. This face is modeled after concept art of a Rhanese man drawn by clean3d.

garvek's major task is work with TheAncientGoat to create non-random terrain to match specified maps for Rhan, specifically the distant island archipelago of Hyalang. Our first location will be a long-deserted failed colony town now known simply as Ruined Port. There, the well-noted Rhanesian philosopher Fengzhi will be met. He is a character who has much to say about the world and the nature of god, but has little patience for stupid questions. I'm in the process of creating a first draft of generic player tree-dialog options with our loremaster broodsugar, aka Nils Pihl Bohlin.

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2011-08-13T21:13:46+00:00 <![CDATA[Brendan back; garvek promoted]]> not blocked, because it was at the base in Germany I trained at before coming here.

I've come back to find the artists, led by del_diablo, to still be hard at work. Our friend Pal_Illes has continued producing music for Godhead, while Musk has been working on "the Estonian" human model, creating clothing based on concept art by Clean3d.

But in the rest of the project there has been little activity. I've decided that we need a more sociable person to fill the decision-making and team-rallying role of Lead Programmer. That means I've appointed garvek our interim Lead Programmer. We'll be searching for a new core of coders. Regrettably, Archwyrm has been inactive for a few months on his own github repository, so the architecture he was working on becomes one of many possibilities, largely dependent on what our future team of programmers finds to best suit their abilities.

I'm very thankful for everyone who has stood by this project even when-- frankly-- leadership and activity have been lacking. That says something about our vision for the game and how tremendous it is to imagine playing it. And I'm going to be consistent in holding people to standards and the expectations we've agreed to for working as a team-- no more exceptions for "stars"!

Recruiting efforts will be stepping up in a big way, because they need to. And we're going to be talking more with other projects to learn from their experiences what helps them succeed.

Thanks for sticking with us.

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2011-04-15T19:21:38+00:00 <![CDATA[April 23 Release]]> Archwyrm estimates 16.5 hours of work, done in the spare time available after in real life stuff, will be done by April 22. A list of issues you can help with is on github: ghack.

The game will have the player moving around a forest inhabited by hostile spiders. The start point has no spiders, but the spider population increases the further the player moves from the origin. The objective is to increase your kill-count without dying, though player-made goals could include getting as far from the origin as possible, etc.

Meanwhile, Clean3d is taking a break to go compete in Dominance War V. He'll be back to producing concept art for us in May. We wish him the best of luck. (I'm not linking to Dominance War because they tempt our artists away).

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2011-02-26T23:18:59+00:00 <![CDATA[Some Delays]]> Bugs are being found and fixed, but with at least 10 hours of development time lost, it'll be some days worth of spare time for these men with day jobs to finish the demo. On Monday, we'll have a new estimate of just how much longer it'll be.

Our website planning has a good start but is yet incomplete.
The one sentence rough statement of purpose is "to enable and motivate teamwork on Scone Project while rewarding individual effort to contribute".
We have three audiences to serve:
  • Current Contributors/Team Members
  • Potential Contributors
  • Fans
Fans are nice to have, but contributors make the game, so we have to serve their needs first.

We don't yet have the team we need to succeed, and potential contributors will need their questions the project answered before they'll be willing to contribute their time and effort. Questions like these...
  • Will this be the kind of game I want to play?
  • Is this team active?
  • What's the plan for development?
  • Can this team do what they say?
We currently have an About page, and any winning organization needs a clear, concrete mission statement that defines success in practice, not some all-purpose meaningless virtues. We have a Roadmap with MediaWiki code to sort it nicely. The new site needs to do a better job of broadcasting the activity in the project, and we'll likely use live feeds in some kind of ticker on at least the main page. And we need to push forward more of our media, like screenshots, renders of finished models, music, and lore.

Our current contributors need motivation to keep working and collaborating, and recognition for their effort moving the project forward. One key idea is to have a weekly goal board on the members' portal main page. It would list what each contributor is working on, and that should increase not only their own attention to their goals during the week but hopeful attention from others who could collaborate with them on their interesting work. Collecting and feeding this goal information could be driven by using the same ticketing system that tracks coding issues and milestones.
Even more so than with potential contributors, feeds could prove very useful in pushing notification of developments within the project, aiding motivation and collaboration. Invisible progress is no progress, as far as people's faith in the project is concerned. And knowing my work likely will be noticed by others certainly makes me feel more like putting in the effort.

Last but not least is a general information design issue. The primary effort in this project is discussion; we collaborate first by communicating. This draws the majority of our attention. But documentation is vital to making that communication reach the whole team and be available to people who join later or just weren't around (awake) during the discussion. Documentation is a secondary effort that should follow discussion, but often doesn't because it splits off our attention. A more efficient and effective way to wield our attention would be if discussion could center on documentation without turning the whole thing into an unreadable, overly lengthy chat log. MediaWiki does documentation and even has discussion functionality, but does a horrible job of providing notification of what is new and of sorting updates by logical category. Thus, we've had this rift between our discussions on forum and IRC, and the documentation on the wiki, which is unreliably bridged by manual (and duplicated) effort after discussion.
We haven't decided on a technology to bring primary effort of discussion into the documenting process. But we're considering embedding webpages with Waves from a private Google Wave installation. We're well aware of Wave's failure on the open market-- one of our issues being the lack of write-access control (we have spam-bots). But the protocol is being made fully open-source and website embedding of Waves has been done before.

del_diablo rallied the Art Department to complete a few works for the 24th.
We have some Rhanese clothing concept art from Clean3d.
We have a plank house model from Theotherhiveking.
We have some animation in development for clothes on our human male model from Musk.
And del_diablo has made a first draft of Rhanese boots.
Other artists should be ashamed for going AWOL. ;)

We don't like missing a deadline. But the whole point of having one was to motivate everyone to pull together and move the project forward. That part has been successful. The only attitude to have if we're going to make it is "we've got to make it".

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2011-02-08T06:32:48+00:00 <![CDATA[Releases On Track]]> You can watch the "ghack" commit progress on github. Special thanks to newcomer ojrac for helping code and bug checking our Archwyrm.

del_diablo has been pulling our artists along, though several are Missing In Action, and we want them back.
Clean3d has produced some nice concept art prototyping Rhanese clothing. We hope to see some final fashion cuts for the release date.
The intrepid Musk (recently made a full member of our dev team :D) has been working on modeling and properly animating some clothes for the otherwise nude, bald, "Estonian" man which was modeled, rigged, and animated by Zurnl (the artist formerly known as ajuss). Musk is doing fine, but he's new to animation. So we welcome advice from anyone with experience to share.
del_diablo could use a few more artists to whip coach, so please swing by the Godhead art forums and talk to us.

If you want to read about the world for Godhead, we've put up more Godhead lore on our wiki. The religious and economic rivalry between the monarchies and delicate political balance with the clannish and anarchic peoples bordering them could easily tilt one way or the other-- a dynamic that a determined individual could easily set in motion one way or the other, but that could quickly spin out of control.

Last, but not least, planning for our own website continues. As always, we welcome expert input, and reliable people willing to help however they can.

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2011-01-16T21:01:45+00:00 <![CDATA[Feb. 24 Releases]]>
For a long time, there's been largely intangible work on a new architecture for the game engine, much of it planned with rbraley and also discussed on our forums.
Archwyrm has committed to a releasing on February 24th a proof-of-concept demo of it using a simple curses based client. It may look more like Dwarf Fortress than the 3D environments in past demos, but the big differences are under the hood. So all you programmers interested in component-based design and concurrency should check out the source hosted as ghack on github.

Broodsugar's lore writing has covered areas well beyond our short and medium-term release goals. Feeling that his work isn't being seen on the wiki, he's eager to restructure the wiki pages. Following some feedback on reddit that our wiki is confusing to visitors, Broodsugar's initiative is welcome. But just how should it be structured better? We discussed some of these issues not long ago and your comments are welcome here.

del_diablo, as Art Dept. Whip, is rounding up our artists to commit to goals for February 24. We have on our Roadmap a number of items to-do for our next regular release, a simpler sub-project called Spider Forest meant only to demo basic development and not our broader gameplay goals. Phlogios, Musk-of-Ephesus, theotherhiveking, B_Ren, modred11, zurnl, and del_diablo himself will all be asked to commit to specific goals in producing artwork.

Already announced internally, we're planning and developing a website of our own due to persistent gateway errors and inherent limitations in our hosting here on Sourceforge. Financially this is a bit difficult to justify and has been on hold a few months. Not to mention, the decisions on what packages to install and use for our online workplace aren't clear-cut. I'll have a complete plan ready on Feb. 20 and funding secured.

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2010-10-25T00:14:11+00:00 <![CDATA[General Progress]]> ... format=zip

Archwyrm has been continuing a rewrite of the code base, working largely on his own with consultation with rbraley (who haunts our IRC channel). Seeing that progress toward a release of Spider Forest, garvek has taken over extending the existing code base so we can get something playable now. None of us are happy that our last release, version 0.10, was over a year ago. As project leader, I've encouraged the team to set a goal for the next release. On or before Christmas is our goal now for the first Spider Forest.

Art Dept. has been very productive. del_diablo has been addressing problems quickly and working on documenting how textures and mapping for 3D art assets should be done. We also are working to give artists more certainty about whether their work will be accepted by starting to ballpark some polygon budgets. We know that modern graphics hardware isn't always most limited by polycounts-- it is as often a matter of texture fill rates slowing things down. It depends on the construction of the model. But while our focus is on proper methods of construction, we realize that people will feel more like spending their time contributing if things aren't so vague as to how much is too much or too little. A wide range is better than no range.

There have been some updates to our Roadmap. We're still needing a giant pet rat for a simple fetch quest. We're working on debug info for a newly found BSOD bug (Windows-only) that's related to something in our OpenAL sound system. And we could use some clothes for our handsome new human model.

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2010-08-03T02:00:00+00:00 <![CDATA[Godhead Moodboard: Visions of Rhanesia]]> Godhead universe for a few years. To give our team an idea of what he's been imagining, Nils created a moodboard -- a collection of images, or mixed media, to explore the artistic vision for a project before building it.
Just recently we began recreating and expanding this Moodboard publicly on our wiki. We've also moved our concept art from our Gallery of art assets to the same page. Our sortable, prioritized list of content creation tasks describes specific assets we need in near future.

Our moodboard includes many photos of geographic locations and buildings. But we had trouble finding clearly copylefted photos. We could use your help finding pictures of our real-world inspirations. Each picture is attributed to its source as best we could and any requests by their owners for removal will be honored.

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2010-07-11T13:07:07+00:00 <![CDATA[A new place for news]]> Atom newsfeed available, which will deliver lastest DungeonHack announcements straight to your newsreader and for example the aggregator FGD Planet.

The news are posted as threads in the new Announcements / News forum and forum users are able to discuss the news by replying to the threads!

All news posted prior to today (June 11 2010) can be found in the wiki's News Archive which reaches back until 2008!

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