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Brendan is ...well, Brendan, from USA. As Project Leader, Brendan is responsible for total progress. He is a benevolent dictator but generally delegates all authority over each department— Code, Art, and Lore— to their Leads. Brendan takes day-to-day responsibility for coordinating the Leads, community administration, moderating dev chats, and the public face of the project.
He earned a Bachelor's of Business Administration specializing in Organizational Leadership and worked full-time in a business software company for half a year. Currently he's job hunting...

  • Founding member of the community as a core dev of ReDF/Daggerfall Revisited.
  • Leading expert on Daggerfall lore, content, and development history; produced many pieces of seminal research
  • Constructive abuse provider and general critic of models, music, and text.
  • Hasn't produced a bit of code or content in 6 years.
  • Loves salmon, latin ballroom, and ice cream.