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Welcome! Ours is an open-source project to create a large scale, sandbox, dynamic RPG world of characters, politics, and economies that don't passively revolve around the player.
We have drawn much inspiration from our experiences playing TES II: Daggerfall, Mount & Blade, and some other fondly remembered games, both for what they gave us and for what we wished they hadn't left out.

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New registrations disabled

by 1Samildanach on Tue, 8 Jan 2013

I just deleted a couple of dozen spambots, which I don't mind doing, but it got me thinking a little. It's been a long while since the last genuine new person, and there isn't a whole lot for new people to be talking about -- at present the project is kinda dead in the water, though we do have a loose plan of transitioning to a different engine and all that. So the main reason for this forum to continue to exist is to provide a place for the established crew to talk about getting things rolling again, and 'bout everyone who falls in that box already has an account.

The conclusion I came to is that we may as well flip the switch on new rego's and make it easier to keep the place clean. I'm happy to reverse this if anyone comes up with a reason to do so.

If any unregistered folks are keen to chat to us about something, they're welcome to track me down on the OpenMW* or Bethesda Softworks forums (or just about anywhere with an active user named 1Samildach; I'm fairly sure it's still a reasonably unique moniker) and I'll switch registrations back on for them (it takes all of ten seconds =) ).

*I should get an email notice if you send me a private message there, even if I haven't logged in for a while.


When the Phoenix respawns, I try again with a bucket of lava

by garvek on Mon, 23 Jan 2012

Scone to all, ... people still out of there.

Hem ... hello ?

I just wanted to know if we have to expect something out of here, or if people like Gladius and Freegamer should spent their ressources elsewhere, and/or reuse what they already done. Or if this site has eventually been buried away, under a pile of cobble and grass.

Personnaly I feel kinda responsible of this Berezina (not being the alone, though), but this guilt doesn't put me chains or whatever, so if we don't have responsiveness to elaborate a Nth reborn plan, it is fine to me to put an end and turn the page :) Feel free to comment on the matter.

And first of all, who's still here, and why ? ^^


New Chat Time & Channel

by Brendan_ on Sat, 24 Sep 2011

As part of ditching the DH, we're moving the chats to #Scone

As part of getting garvek able to participate, and making it easier for me (as I'm GMT +4.5), we're moving chat time up 1.5 hours.

Saturday, 1730 GMT #Scone

Later, I plan to move chats to real-time multi-user collaborative Google Docs because IRC is more limited, harder to follow, and hasn't proven to help recruiting during dev chats, which we have to keep the Leads coordinated and making decisions together.

That is all.


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