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The source code for DungeonHack is licensed under the GPL version 3.

Contributors of artistic media (models, textures, music, sound effects, etc.) select their own licensing. We've carefully considered our requirements. We recommend CC-BY-SA v3.0. Other options include GPL, Public Domain, simple Attribution.
We have to assume our contributors won't always have time to stay involved over the life of this project. We keep a Masters Repository of editable source files for art assets and we need the freedom to change or update works later on to complete this game.
We want our game to be distributed on open-source repositories to reward our contributors with a large fan base. Most repositories see prohibitions against commercial use as "non-free". Thus, we can't accept artworks licensed to forbid commercial use. But licensing requiring future users to attribute the work to the artist is encouraged.

Anything you put on this wiki, you grant a royalty-free license under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 to use in the development of DungeonHack for the expressed purpose of creating a role-playing game and with the knowledge that this is an open-source project. Unless you state otherwise, no other license is being given by you to anyone for any other purpose.