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Here is information on downloading and running DungeonHack. Currently we offer a source download and Linux and Windows binary downloads.

Once you have it installed, you should also read our manual; control keys are not yet configurable.



All files can be found on our SourceForce downloads page.


Uncommon dependencies are included, but you will need to have installed Python 2.x (2.6 or newer), FreeType, and a number of other libraries that should be on a modern distro running the X11 Windowing System already.

  1. Download dungeonhack-0.10-i386.tar.gz
  2. Change to the directory where you wish to store the game files
  3. Execute "tar xzf path/to/archive/dungeonhack-0.x-i386.tar.gz" (where 0.x is replaced with the correct version and specify the correct path to the archive)
  4. Change to the dungeonhack-0.x directory and start the game by executing ./dungeonhack

Some users of Ubuntu 9.10 (and family) have reported problems with not having keyboard or mouse control, which slightly gets in the way of playing the game at all. We have a solution for this:
Inside ./dungeonhack/bin/config.xml, try flipping the value of noX11KeyboardGrab.

Also, there is no need to reboot if you have trouble with some application in Linux. Just press alt+F2, login, run "ps ax | grep dungeonhack", and then "kill pid", where the "pid" is the value returned by "ps ax | grep dungeonhack".


You will need to install some extra libraries and redistributables first. Note that our Windows binary is an x86 build; we don't yet have any 64-bit version.

  1. Download
  2. Install the OpenAL redistributable
  3. Install Python 2.6 (or a newer 2.x release)
  4. Extract (where 0.x is replaced with the correct version) in a location of your choice
  5. Run "dungeonhack.bat" in the dungeonhack-0.x directory

If the game fails to start:

  1. You may need to update DirectX
  2. You may also need the VS 2008 Redistributable


  1. Download dungeonhack-0.10.tar.gz
  2. See the included INSTALL.txt to compile.